The Us Community

The Us Community

The Us Community

The Experience Of Peace, Belonging And Insight Through The Work Of Soul Biographies Inner View

The Art and Science of Witnessing

This is the experience of peace, belonging and profound personal insight through the visceral, practical and enduring experience of Soul Biographies Inner View with its focus on how to see another, how to be seen, and how to see then accept oneself.

The Art and Science of Witnessing.

See evidence of this unyielding human authenticity in the Soul Biographies LIBRARY. And in the many words written about the experience.

This Community is about the practical experience of Inner View through regular gatherings and practice, so that it transforms the way we see. There is also regular and exclusive content.

You are Welcome to join us. To try this, and see for yourself.

There are many elements that make up the experience of this Community. You can find details at The Point Of Us. The Element Categories are listed below.

Community Scholarship Fund

We understand trying times and have a Community Scholarship Fund for those who might find it helpful. If this might help you join us, then message us towards the end of the trial and we will let you have details.

Payment & Cancellation

NOTE: this free trial does require you to enter payment details but payment would not be collected until the trial is over. If you find that this is not for you, you can cancel easily at any stage.

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